Share A Smile

Girl Taking Self-Portrait with Smartphone at Beach
Share a smile

Take a moment to stop and think about all that you have going for you. You can do this while you stare out the window, walk in the park, or lie in bed before you fall asleep. Some days it feels like nothing is going right and the whole world is against you. But take a cue from Victor Frankl who survived 3 years in a prison camp during WWII, and went on to write the beautiful little book, “Man’s Search For Meaning.” You can find joy by appreciating the smallest of things. Isn’t it amazing that the sun is warm? I call this practicing extreme gratitude… listing out (in no particular order) the things in your life you appreciate. Even the littlest things. One great habit is to play an imaginary slide show of people in your life smiling. As you see their images smiling at you it’s really hard not to smile yourself. Now share it with someone else and pay it forward.