Visualizing Flow

Freeing your mind starts by recognizing your thoughts and accepting them for what they are:  a bunch of stuff you are thinking about. They are not good or bad, they just are. You can get back to them when you’re done with this moment. For now, focus on an image of something flowing. It can be water, or wind, or a beautiful animal in motion. It could be an imaginary GIF of someone you love smiling in slow motion, playing over an over. Your mind is free when you can picture this Awesome Image flowing clearly in your mind, and that becomes all that you are thinking.

Give it a try! It helps to sit in a quite place where you won’t be interrupted. Take some deep breaths first, then close you eyes and try to visualize something flowing and beautiful in your mind. Think of this as your “awesome image.” Focus your eyes on the inside of your forehead and watch all of your thoughts flow away with the motion of your awesome image. Even a few seconds of focused imagination will free your mind from a stuck place.